Cells Products

A finished product of quality

Our crystalline cells and made of best materials available on the market and best-in-class production and characterization equipment. 100% of the products are checked online for their mechanical and electrical performance, using cells certified by the Fraunhofer ISE standard.

In compliance with the highest standards of quality and safety, Photowatt guarantees high performance over time.

Monocristalline PWCELL6M

Monocrystalline PWCELL6M cells are processed on best-in-class production lines in France, which are continuously improved with best performing technologies.

«Full square» format improves the power per piece by 18% us. «pseudo-square» cells.


  • Power 4.72WP
  • Productivity 19.6%
  • Sizes 156mm * 156 mm +/-0.5mm
  • Cell area 243 cm² +/-3.12cm²
  • Thickness 200µm +/- 20µm


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