Photovoltaic Modules

A finished product of quality

Over the past 35 years, Photowatt has developed a unique know-how that allows it to improve its expertise and, with a production capacity of over 100 MWp, to become a key player in the sector.

Composed of poly and monocrystalline cells made by Photowatt itself, these modules guarantee reliability and excellent performance.

In compliance with the strictest quality and safety standards, the material selection method for these Photowatt modules guarantees high performance over the time.

Multicrystalline PW2350F

The photovoltaic multicrystallin module is a product dedicated to grid connected solar applications.

Our module is made of 60 cells abd is built with components that are duly qualified by our laboratories to enoure the sustainability of your photovoltaic plant.


  • Power 255-240Wc
  • Productivity 15.4-14.5%
  • Sizes 1685x993x40mm


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