Solar kit

A finished product of quality

Photowatt proposes you its new offer turnkey system adapted to all your needs.


Tertiary kit

The tertiary photovoltaic solution developed by Photowatt is a turnkey system in simplified integration for industrial, agricultural and commercial buildings.

With modules, simplified building integration system, inverters, custom-made case, cables, ect...



A turnkey solution, with modules, rail K2 sytem, Inverters, Monabee optimizer in option


Residential kit

A total building integrated solution for roofing, from 0 to 9 kW, with modules, EasyRoof mounting system, Inverters, Case, cables....


Industrial kit

A total building integrated solution for industrial roofs (until 9KW)


Shadow kit

A solution for energy production and solar protection with global structure Shadow Solar.


Aerovoltaic kit

A solution for your supplemental heating. the system that controls the air flow blow your photovoltaic installation to return it into your home.  

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