Our Commitments

The DNA of Photowatt

Photowatt built into its DNA three fundamental commitments: sustainable developement, quality and innovation. Fron the beginning these commitments have been guiding the actions of the company.

1st Commitment

Limiting environmental impact

Photowatt makes a priority of meeting strict environmental standards so as to achieve consistency between its operations and practices, whether in terms of limiting its carbon footprint, organizing panel recycling or adhering to the profession’s best practices.

2nd Commitment


Since its origin, the company supported its development on R&D programs with the main objectives to increase the yields of the conversion of cells and modules in photovoltaic energy while guaranteeing the reduction of the costs of production.

Patent filings

Given the importance of protecting intellectual property, Photowatt has filed several patents, including patents for the isotropic acid texturizing method, the simultaneous formation of n+p and pp+ joining through co-diffusion and the integration of bypass diodes in the laminate.

Two focus areas

Strong with this scientific and technical capital, our R&D team focuses on two main areas: accelerating the incorporation of incremental innovations into the manufacturing process and anticipating breakthrough innovations.

Partnership approach

Major projects are implemented through collaborative partnerships with French and European academic laboratories (INES-CEA, CNRS, universities, engineering schools and so on) and manufacturers, all leaders in their fields.

Ongoing improvement in manufacturing

At each stage of production, the company optimizes processes with a dual goal: increasing quality and reducing production costs.

3rd Commitment

Quality and Reliability

All Photowatt modules are products of quality benefiting from the most successful components of the market. The reliability of the products is a priority of the company which performs tests than required by the standards.

Cells made in France

Made in our factories in Rhône-Alpes

Junction Box

Connectorrs MC4 or equivalent

IP65, for efficiency protection against corrosion

Amoia-resistant materials

Cables and diodes welded for better pull-out strength, exceeds the standard (500N)

Semipermeagle membrane Gore-Tex, forming a water and dust barrier

Optimum temperature management reducing losses of energy yield

Backsheet premium Tedlar

Electric insulation and very long-lasting waterproofness in environments ultra demanding

Holes of evacuation of water in every angle

Strong Aluminum suit Anodized

Clamp Guideline Marks

Anti reflective glass « Low Iron »

high resistance

homogeneous appearance

50% less reflecting

UV resistant

No discolorations

Resistant to washing/cleaning and to abrasion


Pioneer of the photovoltaic, we have over 40 years of experience and know-how



Photowatt also makes quality controls throughout its production line. 100 % of modules are the object of  electroluminescence inspection (EL) to eliminate the defects at the heart of materials, dielectric controls and measure I/V are made thanks to a solar simulator AAA present in our factories. Finally, The controls of calibration of our equipment of metrology are realized with a frequency at least 4 times superior to the standard by independent institutes (e.g. Fraunhofer Institute).



Photowatt realizes tests on the whole production line, what allows to have sustainable and reliable, quality products in time. Photowatt meets the requirements standards IEC, but also pushes its more far internal tests such as the climatic tests; the tests hot season wet realized in our laboratory make 2000 a hour minimum, the tests cyclage thermal 400 cycles minimum, the tests frost/thaw 20 cycles minimum. The mechanical tests are also hard and test PID free are in class.


warranties :

  • Product warranty 10 years
  • Power warranty 25 years