Our solar panels at the 2024 Games

More than 4,000 Photowatt solar panels supplied for the new Village and the Saint-Denis Aquatic Center


Photowatt is proud to announce its major contribution to the sporting event of the year by supplying 1.5 MWp, including over 1,600 state-of-the-art solar panels for the new sports village and around 2,500 panels for the Saint-Denis Aquatic Center, both projects led by EDF ENR.

Beyond the high-level sport celebration, the event that will take place from July 2024, represents a unique opportunity to promote sustainable development and leave a positive impact on the environment. With this aim Photowatt has committed to provide high quality solar solutions with a low carbon footprint for these installations.

Toit du Village Olympique des JO 2024
Bâtiment du Village Olympique des JO 2024
Panneaux solaires Photowat sur le toit di Village Olympique des JO 2024
Photowatt’s panels on the PV shading structure at the Athletes’ Village

Installed by EDF ENR with the innovative roof terrace and shading solutions developed by DOME SOLAR, Photowatt’s PW60LHT-C modules will supply 1/5 of the electricity consumed by the Village, housing the 14,500 athletes.

Photowatt solar panels on the roof of the Aquatic Center of the Olympic Games in Saint-Denis, France

With a total output of 0.9 MW, the panels will ensure the Aquatic Center’s self-sufficiency with clean, renewable energy, making this project one of the largest urban solar parks in France.

Photowatt panels will provide facilities not only with clean, renewable energy, but also a reliable, high-performance, low-carbon solution.

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