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Continuous improvement in the manufacture of photovoltaic panels

At each stage of production, the company introduces process optimizations with a dual objective: lower production costs and increasing quality. With this scientific and technical capital, the mission of our team dedicated to R&D revolves around 2 main axes: accelerating the incorporation of incremental innovations into the manufacturing process and anticipating breakthrough innovations.

With its facilities and its ability to develop new processes, Photowatt focuses its research and development activities in conjunction with the R&D of the EDF group and research centers such as INES and the Photovoltaic Institute of Ile de France. in order to promote the emergence of new technological solutions for photovoltaic cells and modules.

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Photowatt transforms itself

New industrial model

Photowatt’s expertise as well as the technology and industrial capacity of its historical partners have enabled the company to seize the opportunities of a rapidly growing solar energy market.

Wafers, produced with a low carbon footprint, are today marketed in the form of photovoltaic modules within the framework of calls for tenders launched by the French Government in its Pluriannual Energy Programming (PPE) aimed at deploying around 2.5 GWp per year from photovoltaic projects.

The company’s transformation plan is based on mono-like “Crystal Advanced” technology, developed by INES and ECM, a global specialist in crystallization furnaces. Mono-like is an innovative technology in the crystallization of polycrystalline silicon which increases the yield of ingots and wafers to compete with PERC technology on monocrystalline wafers.

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