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Photovoltaic awnings on the parking lots of the Bugey nuclear power plant

16,000 Photowatt modules will complete the installation of solar awnings for an estimated annual production of 6.3 GWh

In collaboration with EDF Renewables, the Bugey nuclear power plant has embarked on a large-scale project to promote the energy mix by equipping its parking lots with photovoltaic awnings.

The worksite took place in two phases. The first phase began in September 2020 on one of the plant’s parking lots where 11,700 panels were installed with an estimated annual production of 3.9 GWh. On the second phase of the site, the annual production is estimated at 2.4 GWh.

In total, the annual production of solar electricity is estimated at 6.3 GWh, of which 16,000 Photowatt panels will complete the electricity production of the nuclear power plant without CO2 emissions.

Bugey PV awnings


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Samognat photovoltaic plant

11,000 Photowatt solar panels will constitute the new photovoltaic plant

With a total installed power of 3.6 MWp, it will produce each year the equivalent of the average annual electricity consumption of about 1600 inhabitants and will avoid 91 tons of CO2 per year.

The power plant is located in the commune of Samognat, in the department of Ain in the Haut Bugey, on a former sand quarry, which will enable the development of abandoned communal land.


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PV Impact – Collaboration for innovation

The company opens its production lines

Always committed to innovation, research and development of new production processes, Photowatt collaborates with the PV Impact project, and opens its production lines to third parties (from September 2020 to March 2022) to continue the evolution towards the development of new technologies within thephotovoltaic industry and for the energy transition, as well as to share its know-how for the development and innovation of the solar manufacturing in Europe.

Additional information (in English) on the PV Impact website.

Watch the video on our Lab Fab facilities and find out how to improve your manufacturing possibilities:

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The new generation of PV modules up to 435W

Intersolar 2021 Showroom

French know-how in solar energy

Photowatt participates in partnership with INES (National Institute for Solar Energy) in the INTERSOLAR exhibition in Munich. A collective 200m² stand shared with its industrial partners, experts and representatives of French know-how in solar energy, which aims to showcase the French solar sector.

Our team of experts awaits you for the next edition of Intersolar in 2021!

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The largest public photovoltaic plant in the Loire

Solar power plant in Roanne

Produced in partnership with EGREGA and our low carbon modules. With an installed capacity of 5 MWp, it will produce 7 GWh / year, which is the equivalent of the electricity consumption of around 2,900 inhabitants!

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New GAOCE installation

New production brick maker

In partnership with GAOCE, in 2021 we finalized the installation of the new brick maker in our Bourgoin-Jallieu plant, which will allow us to offer you the new generation of larger, more efficient and low-carbon photovoltaic modules.


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Le Luc photovoltaic power plant

3,757 MWh of solar electricity

With a total capacity of 2.6 MW, the Le Luc photovoltaic power plant will produce 3,757 MWh of electricity per year, equivalent to the annual consumption of 1,830 people. In addition to its contribution to the ecological transition, the park participates in the revalorization of degraded land.

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Photowatt: Low carbon Leader

Internal requirements and environmental ethics

Photowatt places the environmental requirement in its priorities to make its activity and its practices consistent, whether it is to limit the carbon footprint, to organize the recycling of photovoltaic panels, or to respect the best standards of the profession. .

Photowatt photovoltaic modules generate 3 times less carbon than Asian modules and they are close to the ratios of thin film modules.

Based on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications as well as the most demanding product certifications in the profession, Photowatt places customer satisfaction at the heart of its priorities.

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Continuous improvement in the manufacture of photovoltaic panels

At each stage of production, the company introduces process optimizations with a dual objective: lower production costs and increasing quality. With this scientific and technical capital, the mission of our team dedicated to R&D revolves around 2 main axes: accelerating the incorporation of incremental innovations into the manufacturing process and anticipating breakthrough innovations.

With its facilities and its ability to develop new processes, Photowatt focuses its research and development activities in conjunction with the R&D of the EDF group and research centers such as INES and the Photovoltaic Institute of Ile de France. in order to promote the emergence of new technological solutions for photovoltaic cells and modules.

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