A new photovoltaic power plant in Flayat, Creuse

Photowatt supplies more than 12,000 low-carbon photovoltaic panels for a new 10 MW plant in Flayat, Creuse.

Installed on a surface of 10.8 ha, the new solar power plant at Flayat comprises 2 units of 5 MWp each: Flayat-A and Flayat-B. The plant, developed by the Générale du Solaire group, uses over 12,000 low-carbon photovoltaic panels supplied by Photowatt.

11,074 bifacial panels PW72LHT-CB-XF, new-generation modules that capture solar energy from both sides, front and rear, optimizing the yield of each module thanks to light reflected from the ground.

980 monofacial PW72LHT-C low-carbon panels

These two ranges of low-carbon photovoltaic panels are manufactured using French-developed, more sustainable production techniques and low-carbon footprint materials, reducing the environmental impact of the installation throughout its life cycle.

⚡10 MW total capacity

⚡More than 12,000 Photowatt panels on the Flayat B unit (5 MW)

⚡Around 2,000 households supplied with electricity per year on the Flayat B unit (excluding heating)

photovoltaic power plant in Flayat, Creuse, France

Photo – Général du Solaire – All rights reserved

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