Large Format Project #1 : Enabling our 2 new huge capacity low carbon furnaces

Timelapse video ⌛ : Watch the installation in 2 minutes

The ” Large Format Project “ ? This is the ambition of becoming the first 100% European manufactured 210mm² wafers producer to anticipate the needs of tomorrow’s photovoltaïc market.

Photowatt decided to acquire new skills to optimize the performances of its new industrial production, through 5 steps that will be shared in the next few weeks.

First step : Two new huge capacity low carbon furnaces were implemented to accelerate our productivity, with below characteristics : 

  • 1.3 ton load per production cycle
  • Increasing productivity of 60% compared to old equipments
  • Decreasing the electrical consumption per kg produced

The target is to enhance the silicon crystallization performances, and to consolidate the leadership position of Photowatt in low carbon footprint.

How did our teams managed to move 12 tons furnaces ? Watch our 2 minutes explanation ! 👇

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